A downloadable game

This is the Inferno 1Up team's entry into the Weekly Game Jam - Week 113.


1, 2, 3, 4: Switch between Wind (double jump), Earth (wall jump), Fire (dash), and Water (refresh double jump and dash)

Arrow keys: move (left, right, and jump)

Credits are at the end of the game, but in case you don't make it there:


Programming: Vale (Ethan), Friedeggandham (Karsten), Falco (Lars)

Art: NightWish

Sound Design (will be implemented later): vioaudio

Level Design: Friedeggandham (Karsten)

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, and unzip it to a folder. Double click on the UPICxelate.exe folder, and you're ready to play!


UPICxelate 19 MB


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Switching jump modes like this is a really cool concept. One thing that would be cool is if the lantern changed colors depending on what mode you're in. That would help you reinforce the wind-earth-fire-water switching thing. Also, I wasn't sure how to use the fire-dash. Some on-screen instruction or a tutorial would help a lot. Cool game though!